Because It Works!

As a life coach, I partner with women in transition who want to make powerful change in some area of her life.  The transition may be personal or career based.  Together we co-create the design of your life and prioritize your possibilities. My approach to coaching is a forward looking, action oriented and focused process designed to take you to the next level. You will clarify your vision and goals,  identify what is getting in your way and actions to remove whats keeping you stuck, determine what is aligned with your values and have an accountability partner to hold your agenda while supporting and challenging your forward.    The truth is you have all you need to accomplish your vision, so let's explore the possibilities. 

Areas I've coached clients include:

  • Transitioning your career
  • Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur
  • Transitions after divorce or remarrying
  • Life and Career integration (Balance)
  • Finding and living your passions, values and visions
  • Tapping into your power and confidence
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Getting "unstuck"
  • Goal completion and achievement
  • Finding your possibilities


Colette has been my coach and mentor for several years.  I was a high school graduate with a good paying job, but not stretching to reach my potential.  Today, I'm a VP with a Masters degree and starting my own business!  She is a down to earth executive who does not hold back!  She always says the truth will first piss you off and then it will set you free....Coach Colette is phenomenal.

~Oni H.